DDI – DESIGN DEVELOP IMPLEMENT is an evidence-based innovative and collaborative approach to rapid program design and development at Macquarie University. It is activity based, iterative, forward-looking, and grounded in everyday educational practices. The DDI process is situated in a supported social learning environment providing university program teams the space and time to explicitly integrate the language, practice and tools for learning design with access to expertise required for that context. The program teams collaborate to develop design patterns, while informed by theory, work with what is practical in context (i.e. what program teams can achieve). It involves an action and design-based research approach to ‘hothouse’ and ‘ring-fence’ the design and development of design patterns for learning.

For more information about DDI – DESIGN DEVELOP IMPLEMENT, please see our poster or read a short paper that describes the ethos and practice of the DDI approach.

2021 Design Develop Implement (DDI) Update

Panos, Natalie and I have been iteratively improving the DDI co-design approach in university and community development contexts to enhance the sustainability, transferability and participatory design aspects of the program. We will be sharing resources under creative commons. 

Please watch this space for updates as we develop the DDI website. - Deidre